Simple tips to clear a wrong unread e-mail count badge from the Mail software

Simple tips to clear a wrong unread e-mail count badge from the Mail software

You may have experienced a mysterious occurrence where the Mail app icon will display a red badge telling you there are unread emails when there actually aren’t any if you use the stock Mail application on your iPhone or iPad. Regardless of what you are doing, it appears that up can’t clear that inaccurate wide range of unread e-mails.

The Mail software isn’t any complete stranger to strange pests, therefore I would ike to reassure you here, phantom unread email messages aren’t overtaking your iPhone or iPad. On this page, i am going to share with you a couple of choices to fix an wrong unread count, and ideally place a conclusion to all of it.

Why can’t I clear that unread email badge?

Wef only I experienced a proper description for this issue that takes place randomly for some users, but unfortuitously, We don’t. I am aware for an undeniable fact this can be a thing that may impact users making use of any e-mail solution, including Outlook, Hotmail, and Gmail. Me personally and my mother, by way of example, have observed this on products running both older and up-to-date variations of iOS.

My most readily useful description is that it’s an application bug; one thing just Apple can fix, since it apparently has nothing in connection with the e-mail solution getting used. As you can’t theoretically repair the problem, you are able to it disappear.

Simple tips to eliminate badge for unread e-mails from the Mail application symbol

Be sure you don’t have actually unread e-mails

Duh! I understand everything you may think, but In addition understand individual mistakes happen alot more usually than computer software bugs, also it really doesn’t hurt dual checking that you certainly don’t have any unread email messages. The ultimate way to get at it really is to triage your inbox to simply show unread e-mails, while the great news is, the Mail software has such an element which allows you to definitely effortlessly show a concealed ‘Unread’ smart folder to assemble your unread communications in a single spot.

Then great if you already know how to do that. Or even, make certain you consider this post to enable ‘Unread’ smart mailbox in Mail for iPhone and iPad:

After having ensured you certainly read all email messages in your inbox, and then we’ll have to dig deeper if the Mail app still wrongly shows unread emails.

Force quit the Mail application

Given that we now have the apparent from the means, let’s go fully into the principles of troubleshooting. Very first thing you should do is always to force stop the Mail application.

Though usually not advised, force quitting an application (also understand as force shutting a software) is a superb solution whenever absolutely absolutely nothing else appears to work with that certain app. To make near the software, perform some after on the iPad or iPhone:

  • Release the Mail application.
  • Press the Home key twice quickly. You’ll be in application mode that is switching see previews of one’s recently utilized apps.
  • Swipe up on the Mail app’s preview to shut it.

In the event that Mail application nevertheless shows unread email messages whenever there are none, we’re going to need to escalate to another troubleshooting step that is basic.

Restart your unit

We’re still in basic troubleshooting mode right right here, but you’d a bit surpised to learn how frequently rebooting your iPhone or iPad can fix software that is small.

We assume you realize how exactly to restart your iOS unit, however for the benefit of completeness, we’ll stroll you through the actions anyhow:

  • Press and hang on the Sleep/Wake switch towards the top or on the part of your iOS unit before the energy Off slider seems.
  • Swipe in the slider to make your device off totally.
  • As soon as down, press and hang on the Sleep/wake switch once more until you notice the Apple logo.